Budget Paper 1 – Budget Speech

This document details the 2021–22 Budget Speech the Treasurer delivered to Parliament on Tuesday, 15 June 2021.

Budget Paper 3 – Capital Statement

The Capital Statement presents an overview of proposed capital outlays by each Queensland Government department, as well as a summary of the Government’s approach to infrastructure provisions.

Document in sections

Appropriation Bills

The Appropriation Bills are available on the Queensland Legislation website.

Budget Highlights

The Budget Highlights document outlines the Queensland Government’s strategic priorities and objectives and the State’s economic and fiscal outlook.

Regional Action Plans

The Regional Actions Plans outline key Budget initiatives and projects announced by the Queensland Government for each region.  Please note: Not all government expenditure for the region is shown. Dollar amounts may include capital and operating expenditure, though may not represent the entire funding allocated.

Budget Statement – Investing for Women
Queensland’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan – Budget Update
Budget Update – Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic review

Last Updated: 16 December 2021