The Budget Update will be released on Wednesday 7 December

Deputy Premier

Message from the Treasurer

Queensland's nation-leading response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to underpin an economic recovery that is recharging our state.

Our economic growth has outstripped the national average and our jobs growth is the strongest of all states and territories.

As our economy grows, our government is committed to creating more jobs in more industries, delivering even better services and protecting the great lifestyle that is synonymous with Queensland's identity.

The 2022–23 Budget is for all Queenslanders.

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Queensland Budget Highlights

Coal Royalties Banner

Coal Royalties

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Queensland's Economy Banner

Queensland's Economy

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Investing In Our Health Banner

Investing In Our Health

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Good Jobs Banner

Good Jobs

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Better Services Banner

Better Services

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Great Lifestyle Banner

Great Lifestyle

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Economic Overview Banner

Economic Overview

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Fiscal Outlook Banner

Fiscal Outlook

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Get your Concessions

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Queensland Women's Budget Statement Banner

Queensland Women's Budget Statement

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