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The Queensland Budget will directly support Wide Bay with significant expenditure in 2021-22 including:

$883M for Infrastructure

for productivity-enhancing infrastructure and capital works, estimated to support around
3,200 jobs in this region.

$724.9M for Health

for the Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service.

$35M for Education

to maintain, improve and upgrade schools in the Wide Bay region.

Wide Bay will also benefit from:

$600M for Rollingstock Expansion Program

for an expansion program to procure 20 new 6-car passenger trains to be manufactured in Maryborough and provide for expected future increase in rail patronage.

$51M  for Alcohol and Other Drug Community Treatment Program

for new Alcohol and Other Drug rehabilitation services in West Moreton, Wide Bay and North Queensland.

$26.2M for COVID Works for Queensland

to support the delivery of job-creating infrastructure, maintenance and minor works in Wide Bay as a part of the Queensland Government’s Economic Recovery Strategy.

Restoring frontline services in Wide Bay

Growth from March 2015 to March 2021


324 extra nurses up 20.7%


133 extra doctors up 35.7%


25 extra police officers up 4.5%


48 extra ambulance officers up 19.3%

Delivering for the Wide Bay region


Jobs and Regional Growth Fund

$198.9 million in capital expenditure supported and 520 new full-time jobs generated in Wide Bay.

(February 2017 to May 2021)


Back to Work

$47.6 million paid to 2,111 employers in Wide Bay to help employ 4,547 eligible unemployed jobseekers.

(July 2016 to May 2021)


Building our Regions

$44.3 million allocated to 28 critical infrastructure projects in Wide Bay, supporting economic development and supporting 436 jobs.

(March 2015 to June 2021)


Skilling Queenslanders for Work

$38.7 million allocated to develop skills and provide training to 4,169 Queenslanders in Wide Bay.

(July 2015 to April 2021)


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Aussies flock to Wide Bay’s tourism icon

Tourist numbers on Fraser Island (K’Gari) are helping drive the economic recovery in the Wide Bay region, with visitors spending more than a quarter of a million nights in the world heritage listed area.

Despite the impacts of COVID-19 and bushfires, families had spent 38,000 more nights on the island camping in 2020-21 when compared to 2019-20.
Visits to Queensland national parks generate $2.6 billion in economic activity each year, and the Queensland Government is continuing to invest $10 million each year into Fraser Island (K’Gari) for its ongoing management together with its Traditional Owners.

The government is investing $4.2 million in new cultural tourism opportunities on the island, on top of $2 million to build new fencing around Orchid Beach to reduce interactions between the dingo population and visitors.


Rail manufacturing boosts Maryborough jobs

In a boost to Maryborough’s rail manufacturing industry, the Queensland Government’s Rollingstock Expansion Program will deliver up to 65 6-car passenger trains and a purpose-built manufacturing facility in the Maryborough region. The government has committed $600 million for the delivery of an initial fleet of 20 new passenger trains that will support the Cross River Rail project.

This project is part of the Palaszczuk Government’s election commitment for a $1 billion guaranteed pipeline of train building in Maryborough, which will strengthen supply chains and support employment in regional Queensland. The project will also expand the state’s manufacturing expertise while meeting the increasing demand on rail transport in coming years.

The Queensland Government has also committed to a $300 million pipeline of major asset renewal projects to refurbish and maintain the existing Queensland Rail fleet over 10 years, and $1 million for a business case to consider replacement of carriages for the Westlander, Inlander and Spirit of the Outback long-distance services.


Tax relief package

The government provided significant tax relief to support Queensland businesses, landlords, tenants, pubs and clubs, including:

  • payroll tax refunds, waivers and deferrals for eligible businesses, targeted at small to medium businesses
  • a payroll tax exemption for wages subsidised by the JobKeeper payment
  • land tax rebates, waivers and deferrals for eligible taxpayers.

An estimated 310 employers in Wide Bay will also benefit in 2021-22 from the higher payroll tax threshold.

Seasonal Workers and Agriculture in Wide Bay will benefit from:

  • Drought Assistance and Reform Package – up to $71.4 million over 4 years from 2021-22 to support drought affected communities across the State and a further $50 million per year for 4 years for drought preparedness and emergency drought loans
  • Pacific Labour Scheme and Seasonal Worker Programme – $2.6 million in 2021-22 statewide to enhance implementation of the Programme.

This is in addition to $7.1 million spent to support 681 farms as part of the Drought Relief Assistance Scheme in Wide Bay (March 2015 to April 2021).