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The Queensland Budget will directly support Far North Queensland with significant expenditure in 2021-22 including:

$1.2B for Infrastructure

for productivity-enhancing infrastructure and capital works, estimated to support around
3,900 jobs in this region.

$1.3B for Health

for Torres and Cape, and Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Services.

$51.2M for Education

to maintain, improve and upgrade schools in Far North Queensland.

Far North Queensland will also benefit from:

$203.3M for Social housing

in 2021-22 to expand and improve social housing in Far North Queensland, delivered in partnership with the Australian Government.

$14.5M for Homelessness services

in 2021-22 to deliver specialist homelessness services in Far North Queensland.

$59.7M estimated for Recovery and Resilience against natural disasters

for the provision of financial assistance for capital works to disaster affected communities in 2021-22.

Restoring frontline services in Far North Queensland

Growth from March 2015 to March 2021


55 extra teacher aides up 7.4%


229 extra teachers up 7.5%


256 extra doctors up 53.7%


51 extra ambulance officers up 18.4%

Delivering for the Far North Queensland region


Jobs and Regional Growth Fund

$235.9 million capital expenditure supported and 208 new full-time jobs generated in Far North Queensland.

(February 2017 to May 2021)


Building our Regions

$60 million allocated to 66 critical infrastructure projects in Far North Queensland, supporting economic development and supporting 416 jobs.

(March 2015 to June 2021)


Back to work

$50.7 million of payments have been paid to 2,201 employers to employ 4,896 eligible unemployed jobseekers.

(July 2016 to May 2021) 


Works for Queensland

$49.4 million provided to regional councils in Far North Queensland to undertake 111 minor infrastructure and maintenance projects.

(June 2019 to June 2021)


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New Thursday Island hub for community services

The new $5.5 million Thursday Island Neighbourhood and Community Centre is set to boost the local economy, supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobs and frontline services in the Torres Strait.

In 2020-21 the Queensland Government invested $20.1 million across the network of 127 Neighbourhood and Community Centres in Queensland. These centres provide assistance and support to individuals and families and respond to the needs and priorities of their communities using a place-based approach.

The new centre on Thursday Island has resulted from a long history of community support and expectation to establish this important centre for the local community. It will respond to the needs of the community by providing a purpose-built centre to co-locate and consolidate delivery of several services in one location.

The successful centre provider, Mura Kosker, is finalising arrangements for an anticipated opening of the centre in late August.


Cairns University Hospital transition

The Queensland Government is investing $133.9 million in projects at the Cairns Hospital as part of its transition to a university hospital, supporting 389 full-time jobs.

This government investment includes $70 million for a new mental health facility and $30 million for expanding the emergency department, fit-out for a pre-admission clinic and a third endoscopy room. In addition, the government is investing $24.9 million for critical infrastructure upgrades to ensure the ongoing efficient operation of the hospital and to meet projected future demand of its facilities. Completed projects include $4.5 million to deliver a new hybrid theatre and $4.5 million for the fit out of an 11-bed ward.

In addition, the Queensland Government is investing an initial $16.5 million for a Cairns Health Innovation Centre (CHIC) adjacent to the hospital site, which is set to become a new public health precinct for clinical research, education, training, Indigenous health and community engagement. The government is developing the CHIC in partnership with the James Cook University and its Cairns Tropical Enterprise Centre.


Tax relief package

The government provided significant tax relief to support Queensland businesses, landlords, tenants, pubs and clubs, including:

  • payroll tax refunds, waivers and deferrals for eligible businesses, targeted at small to medium businesses
  • a payroll tax exemption for wages subsidised by the JobKeeper payment
  • land tax rebates, waivers and deferrals for eligible taxpayers.

An estimated 340 employers in Far North Queensland will also benefit in 2021-22 from the higher payroll tax threshold.

Tourism initiatives

Far North Queensland will benefit from:

  • $24.7 million ($15 million in 2021-22) to continue delivering the Growing Tourism Infrastructure Fund 2020, to fast-track the development of new and enhanced tourism infrastructure projects statewide.
  • $7.5 million towards the Work in Paradise program to attract workers from across Australia to help rebuild our regional tourism sector.
  • $1.1 million in 2021-22 for the delivery of projects under the Year of Indigenous Tourism that support the growth of Indigenous business and partnerships and increasing Indigenous participation in tourism, generating jobs and improved economic outcomes.