Budget Speech (Budget Paper 1)

The Treasurer, the Honourable Curtis Pitt MP, delivered the Budget speech in Parliament on Tuesday, 14 June 2016.


Budget Strategy and Outlook (Budget Paper 2)

This document provides the context and background to the Budget. This includes the Queensland Government’s fiscal and economic strategy, key Budget priorities, overviews of revenue and expenses and financial statements for the Queensland Government as a whole. It also provides information on recent economic conditions, Queensland’s economic performance, key economic forecasts and State and Commonwealth financial relations.

This document also includes information on the cost of concessions provided by the Queensland Government across a wide range of services including transport, electricity and water.


Capital Statement (Budget Paper 3)

The Capital Statement presents an overview of proposed capital outlays by each Queensland Government department in 2016-17, as well as a summary of the Government’s approach to infrastructure provision. Capital outlays are broken down into capital purchases (including acquisitions under finance leases) and capital grants.


Investing in Queensland’s infrastructure – BP3Map

The Queensland Government’s $10.7 billion capital program investment in 2016-17 will support 31,000 jobs across the State. To explore infrastructure projects happening in your area and across Queensland, please open the interactive BP3Map.

Please note: the interactive BP3Map is not accessible on mobile phones.

Budget Measures (Budget Paper 4)

Budget Measures presents a consolidation of expense, capital and revenue measures reflecting decisions since the 2015-16 Budget. This paper provides a consolidated view of policy decisions with budgetary impacts made by the Queensland Government since the previous budget.


Appropriation Bills

Sections 27 of the Financial Accountability Act 2009  provides that for each financial year, the Treasurer must present Bills to the Legislative Assembly for an Annual Appropriation Act. There are two Appropriation Bills: one for the Legislative Assembly, known as the Appropriation (Parliament) Bill; and one for all other agencies, known as the Appropriation Bill.

The Bills provide for:

  • 2016-17 appropriation to fund the cost of delivering departmental services, administered items and equity adjustments in that year
  • supply for 2017-18 to allow the normal operations of government to continue until the Appropriation Bills for 2017-18 receives assent.

The Appropriation Bills are available on the Queensland Legislation website.