Queensland is leveraging the benefit of its strong health response to drive recovery and a growing economy through 3 priorities: more jobs in more industries; delivering better services; and protecting the Queensland lifestyle.

Budget priorities

  • Protecting the health of Queenslanders remains vital to the state’s future. The 2022–23 Budget provides a record $23.6 billion in 2022–23 and a transformational $9.785 billion capital boost to the health system over 6 years.
  • An additional $6.784 billion over 4 years will support the ongoing growth in demand for health and ambulance services as well as an additional $1.645 billion over 5 years for mental health services, which is to be funded by a new mental health levy. This investment will support thousands of additional frontline staff including doctors, nurses and paramedics.
  • The biggest capital program investment since 2010 will see $59.1 billion spent over 4 years, which is expected to support 48,000 jobs in 2022–23.
  • Building on the state’s strengths, the Budget will drive the creation of more jobs in more industries across Queensland including renewable energy, new economy minerals, advanced manufacturing, aviation and aerospace, biomedical products, agriculture, tourism, research and education services, and creative and design industries.
  • Queensland’s economic strategy will focus on the enablers of a thriving economy including expanded trade opportunities, a larger skilled workforce, enhanced innovation and digitalisation, continued investment in public and private infrastructure, strengthened Environment, Social and Governance credentials, and a competitive investment environment. As part of this and to enhance Queensland’s trade opportunities, a new Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy will be backed by $150 million over 10 years.
  • A growing economy will allow for the delivery of better services across the state including schools, transport, policing, social services, and women and child safety.
  • Alleviating cost-of-living pressures, the Budget includes $6.8 billion in concessions for Queenslanders in 2022–23, including a $175 Cost-of-Living Rebate at a cost of $385 million to help manage electricity costs.

As Queensland continues its remarkable transition from recovery, these budget priorities will make sure every Queenslander shares in the benefits of a thriving economy.


Faster domestic economic growth than the rest of Australia

State final demand up by 7.8% since March quarter 2020


More jobs recovered than any other state or territory

Employment up by 206,000 since March 2020


Faster workforce participation growth than any other state or territory

Labour force participation rate up by 5.6 percentage points since May 2020


Faster retail trade growth than the rest of Australia

Retail turnover up by 26% since February 2020


Net operating surplus 2021–22

$1.9 billion


Faster business investment growth than the rest of Australia

Business investment up by 10.7% over the past year


Faster merchandise export growth than any other state or territory

Value of merchandise exports up by $41.6 billion over the past year

Last Updated: 20 June 2022