$1.16 billion
Powering Queensland Plan

The Powering Queensland Plan will ensure Queenslanders continue to enjoy a lifestyle brought by an affordable, secure and sustainable energy supply. The Plan provides a roadmap to put downward pressure on electricity prices and drive investment to generate jobs. It will lead the State’s transition to a 50 per cent renewable target which will deliver significant benefits to Queensland. Actions under the Powering Queensland Plan will include:


  • $771 million to provide relief for Queensland electricity consumers by covering the cost of the Solar Bonus Scheme
  • $386 million for the Powering North Queensland Plan
  • an Energy Security Taskforce which works in partnership with Queensland’s energy businesses to ensure secure, reliable and clean electricity supply across Queensland
  • returning Swanbank E gas-fired power station to service to increase and support reliable supply
  • directing Stanwell Corporation to undertake strategies to place downward pressure on wholesale prices
  • a Queensland Gas Action Plan ensuring long-term gas supply for electricity generation
  • assessing the feasibility of a separate CleanCo to operate Queensland’s existing renewable and low-emissions energy generation assets and develop new renewable energy projects.

Powering North Queensland Plan – generating 5,000 jobs

The Palaszczuk Government is committed to securing energy supply and driving down energy costs for Queensland consumers. The 2017-18 Budget is using some of the government-owned corporations’ 2016-17 earnings to kick-start growth-enhancing infrastructure projects through a $386 million down payment for the Powering North Queensland Plan.


The Powering North Queensland Plan includes:

$150 million for the development of strategic transmission infrastructure to support a clean energy hub

$100 million to help fund the proposed hydro-electric power station at Burdekin Falls Dam

$100 million towards improvement works to ensure that the Burdekin Falls Dam continues to meet design standards

the commissioning of a hydro-electric study to assess options for deploying new hydro in the state, including North Queensland.

There has been an unprecedented level of renewable energy investment activity in North Queensland, with existing projects expected to deliver $1.6 billion of infrastructure spending and create more than 1,400 jobs. Further projects such as a new transmission line will unlock around 2,000MW of wind, pumped hydro and solar projects, and create 3,600 jobs over the long term.

Last updated: 13 June 2017