$5.3 billion
to lower the cost of living

The Palaszczuk Government remains committed to easing cost of living pressures for households and small businesses through a range of initiatives that support Queenslanders at all stages of life.

Concessions for life’s essentials

The 2017-18 Budget provides $5.344 billion in concessions to help Queenslanders who need it most, based on factors such as age, income and special needs or disadvantage. Broader concession arrangements are also in place to reduce the price paid by all consumers in areas such as transport, electricity and water.

Fairer Fares

In the 2016-17 Budget, The Palaszczuk Government launched the Fairer Fares program at a cost of $230 million over four years. As a result, more than 93 per cent of public transport users in South East Queensland can benefit from cheaper fares and a reduced number of travel zones. The Palaszczuk Government has guaranteed these lower fares will remain frozen in 2017 and has also extended concession fares to job seekers and asylum seekers.

Powering Queensland Plan

The Queensland Government invested $771 million in 2016-17 to remove the cost of the Solar Bonus Scheme from electricity prices over the next three years. This will provide an average saving of $51 for households and $90 for small businesses in 2017-18.

Oral Health Scheme

More than $149 million to provide free dental care to eligible Queenslanders. In rural and remote areas where no private dental practitioner exists, the Queensland Government provides access to subsidised dental care for the general public, usually at rates 15-20 per cent lower than average private dental fees.

Supporting pensioners


Pensioner Rate Subsidy Scheme

The Palaszczuk Government is providing $54 million over 2017-18 to help pensioners remain in their own homes with a 20 per cent subsidy (up to a maximum of $200 a year) for local government rates and charges.


Electricity Rebate Scheme

This scheme provides a rebate up to $341 a year towards electricity costs for eligible pensioners or seniors, and was extended to Commonwealth Health Care Card Holders and asylum seekers from 1 January 2017 following the 2016-17 Mid Year Fiscal and Economic Review. This extension will ease electricity price pressures for an additional 157,000 households at a cost of $170 million over four years from 2016-17.


Pensioner Water Subsidy Scheme

This scheme provides up to $120 a year to eligible pensioner property owners in South East Queensland to lessen the impact of increased water prices.

Last updated: 13 June 2017