Deliver Sustainable

Funding for Legal

Assistance and

Other Matters

new funding arrangements to provide funding certainty for legal assistance, legal professional regulation and law library services.


Supporting Courts and Tribunals


over two years to respond to increased land, criminal and domestic and family violence matters in Queensland courts and dangerous sexual offender matters and other justice system initiatives.


Increased Investment in Legal Aid Services



over four years to Legal Aid Queensland.

Funding will be provided to a level that is equal to the national average per capita for legal assistance services, including domestic violence duty lawyers, child protection legal services, farm and rural legal services.


Counter Terrorism



in additional funding over four years to improve counter- terrorism capability and capacity.

Counter Terrorism

Community Safety Centre – Westgate


for a business case to be prepared by Building Queensland.


More Fire Services


for fire and emergency service facilities, urban and rural fire appliances and communications equipment.


More Police Services


is provided for Queensland Police Service facilities, information and communication equipment including new police stations and $32 million for new and replacement police service vehicles.

$69.9 Million to fight organised crime, including

Supporting the Government’s response to the Commission of Inquiry into Organised Crime


over four years to target serious and organised crime. This funding will ensure the Queensland Police Service has the resources to implement the Government’s response to
the Queensland Organised Crime Commission of Inquiry report and undertake operational and intelligence-driven activities, legislative reform and education and training.

Tackle Child Exploitation


reprioritised funding over two years, including $485,000 to the Crime and Corruption Commission, to implement the interim response to the Queensland Organised Crime Commission of Inquiry report.

This will fund a statewide blitz on child exploitation material by building the capability of specialist police officers, providing for additional civilian staff , regional travel and training costs.

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
– Criminal Prosecutions


over four years to address workload pressures and backlogs at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. The funding will also boost the response to serious organised crime.

Proceeds of Crime


over four years and $1 million a year ongoing, to confiscate the proceeds of crime from participants in criminal organisations.