Protecting the Great Barrier Reef



as part of the Government’s five year, $100 million investment from the 2015-16 Budget to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

This funding is in addition to the
$35 million per year spent across State Government agencies on reef protection projects.

These include water quality, research and industry assistance measures which help reduce impacts on the Great Barrier Reef.

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Climate Change Policy



over four years to develop and implement a Queensland Climate Change Strategy.

Funding is in addition to $15 million provided as part of the 2015-16 Budget for the Local Government Coastal Hazard Climate Adaptation Fund and the Queensland Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

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Preserving Unique Environments



over three years to preserve unique environments, including developing and implementing protection for Queensland’s pristine rivers.

The funding will also progress World Heritage nominations for Cape York Peninsula and an expanded Great Sandy World Heritage area.


State- Wide High Resolution Satellite Imagery



over four years and ongoing funding of $1.5 million per annum to support aerial and satellite imagery to strengthen vegetation management.

Satellite imagery is the most cost- effective means of obtaining imagery in rural and remote areas of Queensland not covered by aerial photography.

$89.1 Million Wildlife management and environmental protection, including

Koala Conservation


over four years for koala conservation management. Includes continued support of the Daisy Hill Koala Centre and the Moggill Koala Hospital, koala population monitoring, and the establishment of two new urban refuges in South East Queensland.

Managing Protected Areas


Queensland parks and forest management – $21.6 million to manage and develop facilities on land which has been acquired due to its high environmental and conservation value.

Publicly owned protected area land – an additional $5 million for the acquisition of unique and high value conservation areas as part of Queensland’s protected area estate.

NatureAssist Program – $11.7 million in increased funding for the management of existing Nature Refuge agreements under the NatureAssist Program.

Crocodile Management


over three years for crocodile management, including the expansion of the Crocodile Urban Management Area in the Rockhampton region.

The strategy includes scientific analysis and surveys of crocodile populations to inform future crocodile management.

Local councils and communities will help identify key risk areas, promote public education, and manage the removal of problem animals.

Wildlife Management


over four years for a range of wildlife management activities, including wildlife licencing and inspections, care and recovery of sick and injured animals and the development of best-practice wildlife management regulations.

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Management of Flying Fox Roosts


over three years to support flying fox research and management strategies, including research into flying fox behaviour and roost site management.

This will identify improved practices to disperse and develop enhanced alternative roost sites to reduce negative impacts on communities.

Additional funding of $500,000 for GPS transmitters to track movements of flying foxes.




over two years for a capital grant to the RSPCA Queensland for facility upgrades in Cairns and Townsville to provide greater protection for animals.